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THE PLOT THICKENS: Top Hawaii GOP Officers Push Self-Destruct Button, Over and Over and Over

Over the course of these few hours, it became clear that ‘deep state’ RINO control of the Hawaii Republican Party is worse than ever.



Photo: HIRA News

Unbeknownst to island Republicans, the new executive officers of the Hawaii GOP gathered around their computers last Thursday (06 (06 July 2023) and held a virtual “Executive Committee” meeting over the CCP’s Zoom teleconferencing software – a depressing meeting which sowed the seeds of another two years of disastrous party management and continued domination of Hawaii policy and politics by liberal Democrats.  Over the course of these few hours, it became clear that ‘deep state’ RINO control of the Hawaii Republican Party is worse than ever.  The deep state RINO’s from Team Dalhouse, Team Ostrov, Team Finnegan and Team Garcia really twisted the knife in the backs of real Republicans with a combination of bad results, bad direction, bad decisions, and an enduring culture of corruption.

Since party leaders don’t share any news of value to party members, the media or the public, HIRA News is providing verified and highly sourced info about the Hawaii GOP.  So, here’s a brief summary of what happened, plus a sneak preview of the agenda items pushed to TODAY’s HRP Exec Cmte Zoom meeting (closed to guests, as party leaders know that your stomach would turn if you saw what these RINOs have been doing and are still planning to do).  Sorry, folks.  The picture is quite bleak . . . but none of the bad news will keep them from asking for your money.  [You can always say “no”.]


HUGE PARTY DEBT EXCEEDS CASH ON HAND:   A massive amount of funds was allegedly stolen by previous party officers to pay lawyers for unapproved legal work, leaving the state party up to its eyeballs in debt.  To be sure, “stolen” means that the party’s governing State Committee of several dozen elected party leaders from Hilo to Hanalei were PREVENTED from knowing about or deciding on the $33,000 in expenditures on lawyers.  So, when HIRA News reports that “funds were stolen by previous officers to pay lawyers”, that’s what this means.  No permission was obtained to put the party in debt to the attorneys who somehow magically got picked out of the Yellow Pages without any input from the governing State Committee.

New state chair, Cheatin’ Tom Dilhouse, asked his immediate predecessor Diamond Garcia (who was on the Zoom call) why Garcia and Lynn Finnegan and treasurer Steve Holck and executive director Maryann “Mele” Songsong would commit tens of thousands of dollars (a.k.a. steal $33,000) without getting permission from the State Committee.  But Garcia stayed SILENT when asked about why he and Finnegan handed over a broke party to Dalhouse or why he and Finnegan had no problem giving attorneys a blank check or why Ostrov and Holck weren’t being held liable for the $60,000 fine incurred by HRP, or why Lynn Mele and Diamond aren’t being held liable for the $33,000 in unauthorized legal costs, even though he was clearly still connected to the call.

Garcia flunkie and Kauai county chair Ana Mohamed Desmarais (who goes by the stage name “Ana Mo Des”) went on the defense and tried to fill the void of Garcia’s noticeable silence by pretending that Diamond Garcia had nothing to do with the massive expenditure.  Further, Ms. Mohamed didn’t seem to mind that the meter for attorney fees was still running and that the $33,000 owed by HRP to the attorney was still growing and growing.  Indeed, “Ana Mo Des” pushed the Finnegan/Songsong/Garcia position of refusing to negotiate or settle or mediate the lawsuit against HRP filed by party members who are sick of the corruption and cheating by party leaders.  The discussion merely petered out while these new leaders simply let the legal fees grow and grow and grow, despite the party being broke and unpopular with its own members, let alone the public.  Members would be disgusted to learn how casually party leaders regard this financial sinkhole, as if nobody would ever find out and that the debt will somehow magically disappear.

From Tom Dilhouse’s presentation slides at last Thursday’s Exec Cmte meeting

Dilhouse gave a “Fundraising Update”:  No $$ raised yet.  Nothing to report.  Working on a plan. RNC said NO to helping with any $$.  “RNC has no funding sources to give. I’ve already pushed that button a few times,” reports Dilhouse.  Yes, those delinquency lawyers from the property management company who’ve been waiting for the back rent (and current rent) will be very unimpressed with the lack progress and the sad financial state of affairs.

Discussion was held that maybe a fundraiser should be organized.  Nobody volunteered.  Dilhouse opined that he hopes people will buy HRP t-shirts from the state party’s online store.  Well, that “Fundraising Update” solved nothing.  The self-described “most unpopular person in the party” Sheila Walker (Team Dalhouse’s cheating coordinator on Maui and a failed candidate from the Dalhouse slate) participated in last Thursday’s Zoom call.  When running for state treasurer, Walker laughably said that the treasurer’s job was to raise money, rather than to ensure all monies were accounted for.  HRP mainland donor and long distance puppetmaster Kevin Spillane menacingly and threateningly insisted that Sheila Walker get the treasurer job and that Dilhouse flunkie Joel Borgquist be tossed aside or else he’ll stop donating to HRP altogether.  Well, neither of those demands were realized, as Walker lost ‘bigly’ and Borgquist has taken over Dilhouse’s shady self-funded SuperPAC.  So, HRP is in an even bigger financial trouble than the new officers probably realize.

In case you’re wondering, Team Dalhouse’s Keone Simon won the office of vice chairman of coalitions for HRP by only two votes (through dozens of improper votes in the rigged convention and runoff election).  His first order of business was to appoint Dalhouse’s cheating coordinator Crooked Sheila Walker to take his place at this crucial meeting, since he was unavailable.  That’s right, Keone Simon actually picked crooked Sheila Walker to substitute for him even though he knows she coordinated the cheating that resulted in his own squeaker of an election and Tim Dalhouse’s election.  If that sleazy decision to give slimeball Sheila Walker a place at the table doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Mr. Simon, then you haven’t been paying attention.  Plus, with absent national committeeman Gene Ward appointing Crooked Shirlene Ostrov to take his place on the crucial Zoom meeting, that tells you everything you need to know about Gene Ward.


PARTY HOMELESSNESS IS FAST BECOMING REALITY:  The homelessness problem in Hawaii continues to worsen.  Now, island Republicans are about to become homeless, as HIRA News recently broke the story that party leaders stopped paying rent for its official headquarters for HRP at 725 Kapiolani Blvd.  This is the same HQ that RINOs insisted be purchased and repeatedly saved from foreclosure for the past two decades, resulting in the diversion of funds away from winning elections and into the black hole of a barely utilized office suite where there is more dust and mold than volunteers or strategizing.  Now, top party leaders hope to sell off this once crucial HQ (if is doesn’t get foreclosed on first) and blow all the proceeds from the sale on the 2024 election campaign.

New HRP state chair Tom Dilhouse confirmed the HIRA News story . . . only with a higher figure than we reported:  HRP now owes $12,674.28, because Lynn Finnegan, Diamond Garcia and Steve Holck weren’t paying the rent.  Indeed, the figure is even higher since July’s deadline for another month of rent was due on the 1st, which came and went.

From the draft minutes of last Thursday’s Exec Cmte meeting

The surprise admission that hundreds of thousands of dollars have been wasted over the past 10 election cycles on this overpriced, money-losing albatross appears to have the support of building co-owner, the Oahu League of RINO Women (OLRW); the organization of closet Democrats who play the lead role in picking HRP’s officers and ensuring that conservatives never run the party or control its agenda.  Current OLRW president and disgraced former HRP state chair Shirlene Ostrov (who fired the executive committee during her tenure, when she wasn’t busy illegally laundering party monies) made it clear that she hopes to convince OLRW bigwigs to sell the very HQ that they have been aggressively guarding for years and years (as they have a free office in perpetuity, all utilities included, inside the HRP HQ).

At last Thursday’s meeting, Ostrov said:  “The OLRW would like to cease further discussion (about the sale of HQ) until we have our meeting so we can have a synchronized position.  We just need to move in tandem and with our attorney.”  Ostrov didn’t bother to mention to her largely uninformed colleagues that she became state chair several years earlier because that same OLRW organization went into overdrive making sure HRP elected a chair who opposed EVER selling the office space.  Now, with a chance to make some serious money off the sale of the HQ for both HRP and OLRW, the only obstacle to HRP chair Tom Dilhouse and OLRW president Shirlene Ostrov getting their grubby hands on the proceeds (estimated $400K each).

From Tom Dilhouse’s presentation slides at last Thursday’s Exec Cmte meeting

With the increasingly likely prospect of HRP campaigning statewide for the first time in decades without any headquarters to call home, one of the funniest and saddest moments of the meeting came when Dilhouse had to be persuaded that HRP needs a well thought out plan how it can operate during Election 2024 and beyond as a homeless party BEFORE deciding to sell the HQ.  Eagerly wanting to blow $400K on the next election and related expenses appeared to blind Dilhouse to the obvious need to perform any due diligence as a political party already struggling for survival in a state that is FAR more “blue” than when a grand opening was held for the HQ decades earlier.

In a state where $30 billion gets spent each year by county and state politicians, a few thousand dollars per month spent on rent for office space would seem a small price to pay for a multi-million dollar Hawaii Republican movement which ostensibly is designed to unseat Democrats from power.  Like a good closet Democrat, GOP State Chair Dilhouse already has plans for those proceeds . . . big, expensive plans which will enrich his cronies.  More about that below . . .


LAWSUITS AGAINST INDIVIDUAL PARTY OFFICERS FOR ALLEGED MALFEASANCE ARE NOT COVERED BY ANY INSURANCE POLICY:   HRP’s repeated malfeasance under several consecutive state chairs caused HRP to get sued; with cases still pending.  As mentioned above, attorneys were secretly given a blank check to run up legal fees, which now exceed $33,000 in non-budgeted and questionably approved expenses and debt.  New state chair (and political ally to those past state chairs) Tom Dilhouse admitted that his fellow RINOs could have avoided such costly legal expenses by simply purchasing “directors and officers insurance” for as little as $2,800 per year.  Sadly, voters put people like Diamond Garcia and Gene Ward and Lynn Finnegan into office . . . politicians and HRP officers who have zero business sense (or common sense) and who recklessly ran up a huge tab which keeps rising.  Why is it still rising?  Because none of these executive officers yesterday or today demanded a cessation to the billable work by the attorney and because the committee failed to see this past Thursday how settling the case and meeting with the plaintiffs could be of any benefit.  In the meantime, these same monkeys who control HRP’s executive committee control a party which is broke and can’t even afford the D&O insurancethereby exposing each of them to personal liability for the lawsuits.  And, so that there’s no doubt, D&O policies are NOT retroactive to cover bad deeds of the past.  Judging from last week’s meeting of these top party bosses, they are sure to get HRP in more legal and even criminal hot water going forward.

From Tom Dilhouse’s presentation slides at last Thursday’s Exec Cmte meeting


DEEP STATE CORRUPTION AT HRP GETS DEEPER STILL:  HRP chair Dilhouse has been working feverishly on filling a key position at the state party which is essential to continued RINO control of the state party – the chairman of HRP’s rules committee.  This person gets to decide when party rules get ignored, twisted, or ‘reinterpreted’ so that his or her boss (the state chair) can do whatever he or she wants to do with the HRP, its money, its elections, its conventions and much more.  With corrupt Celyn Chonkee of OLRW unable to fulfill her duties after years of crooked leadership of HRP’s rules committee, Dilhouse attempted unsuccessfully to install crooked RINO dinosaur Boyd Ready into the post.  That humiliating defeat several weeks ago led to last Thursday’s need for Dilhouse to break the tie when the Exec Cmte voted on the latest corrupt RINO dinosaur to be nominated for the post:  Closet Democrat “Silent Mary” Smart.  More than almost anyone, HRP’s past state treasurer Mary Smart was directly responsible for the election of Crooked Shirlene Ostrov as state chair, which wrought nearly four years of political self-destruction and a veritable crime wave at HRP which cost the party $60,000 in fines to the FEC for reckless lawbreaking in the form of apparent money laundering, secret bank accounts and off-the-radar bookkeeping.  In case you just came to the party, Ostrov was the same state chair who forbade Republicans in Hawaii from protesting the draconian Covid lockdowns which destroyed our economy and delivered record price inflation which persists today.

Well, the very same RINO who led the charge to install Crooked Ostrov is now the rules chair, with Mary Smart endorsed by Ostrov herself at last Thursday’s meeting.  Barely confirmed by an embarrassing 9 to 8 vote following national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua’s unhinged rant against anyone who dared to speak negatively about Mary Smart’s past actions in HRP, Dilhouse broke the tie to ensure that Smart would be his loyal, corrupt soldier going forward.  Perhaps Smart will be as loyal to Tom Dilhouse as Boyd Ready was to Lynn Finnegan, who had no problem with the Rules Cmte being prevented from holding meetings for nearly two years, in order to keep a lid on HRP’s internal corruption, rigged conventions, election interference, and related scandals.

Observers and participants of last Thursday’s Zoom meeting commented that the entire discussion of “Silent Mary’s” nomination was a scripted infomercial by RINOs, including the righteous indignation by deep state RINO Laura Nakanelua attacking new HRP vice chair for community service Joelle Seashell for daring to express her reservations about Mary Smart based on extensive negative experience with Smart.

What went undiscussed during the awkward conversation about Silent Mary’s nomination is that she previously remained silent and did jack squat about Shirlene Ostrov’s crimes, so it’s no wonder Ostrov returned the favor during the Zoom meeting by vouching for Silent Mary.  Never forget that Mary Smart never spoke out against Ostrov’s money laundering or the firing of Ostrov’s exec committee or last-minute usurpation of HRP’s platform committee (throwing away all its months of work in favor of some drivel that Ostrov and her crony wrote instead) or any of Ostrov’s dictatorial or downright criminal actions.  Critics of Mary Smart explained last Thursday that Mary Smart wants a top-down party, not a collaborative body of fellow Republicans.  HIRA News can report that Mary Smart did NOTHING at all about all Team Dalhouse’s cheating in party elections during 2023 and has no plans to EVER do anything to obtain justice for the assault on election integrity at caucuses, conventions and such.  NO wonder she was also endorsed during the Zoom conference by morally bankrupt ‘minister’ Diamond Garcia, leader of the pro-Dalhouse cheating effort.  The new rules chair is not expected to take action on all the cheating in the party’s rigged convention, carrying on the same blindness as her predecessors Boyd Ready and Celyn Chonkey.  Installing Crooked RINO Mary Smart as the rules chief of this corrupt state party was and is a slap in the face to real Republicans from Hilo to Hanalei.

“Silent Mary” Smart (on right, in pink) fits right in with the RINOs who have destroyed the Hawaii GOP . . . RINOs like Democrat Charles Djou (far left, really), Anti-USA activist Al Frenzel (in back), crooked Shirlene Ostrov (always front and center), Illegal Immigration advocate Gene Ward (back-center, but really far left), Ostrov’s shady boyfriend Mark Blackburn (2nd from right in back row), and assorted other closet Democrats who control HRP.



Their wide-reaching and mostly unfinished agenda will be continued again tonight at 6pm via another Zoom meeting (since Tom Dilhouse doesn’t even live on Oahu).  Based on the nearly dozen matters of unfinished business from last Thursday’s agenda, here is a sneak preview of the major travesties to come.

“Membership Terminations” – While state chair Dilhouse hasn’t initiated any terminations of party memberships like his thin-skinned, dictatorial predecessors, he’s just getting started.  The HRP roadside is littered with expelled party members who have dared to expose the corruption and lawlessness of the deep state RINO cabal which has controlled HRP for decades.  Throwing out registered Republicans (usually conservatives) is an easy way for a state chair to curry favor with other RINOs.  Dealing with the aftermath of such actions might be why Dilhouse has added this to tonight’s agenda.  Or, he already has more targets in mind for removal.  Stay tuned . . .

“Establishment of State Officer Expectations & Ground Rules” – Starting with the rein of terror under Shirlene Ostrov, state chairs have rarely asked permission from the Executive Committee or the larger State Committee (the true governing body of HRP) to do anything.  That’s why the party is in so much trouble, financially, legally and otherwise.  With eight HRP executive officer posts up for election in May 2023 and with only a mere three of those posts being filled by Dalhouse and two allies, the new state chair is surrounded by five reform-minded executive party officers from the competing slate at the state convention.  So, it’s no wonder that Dilhouse wants to put those five on the tightest possible leash through the ‘establishment of expectations and ground rules’ for those do-gooders who ran because they were sick of HRP’s corruption and its political irrelevance.

The past few weeks have revealed Dilhouse to be out of his depth in running a volunteer organization; clearly hoping he could be regarded as a ‘chief executive officer’ or a ‘generalissimo’ who answers only to himself and never gets his motives or decisions questioned by fellow party leaders.  Cheatin’ Tom is in for a rude awakening and possibly an early retirement from politics if he tries to ignore the role that cheating played in his razor-thin victory for the state chair position, let alone the mandate from party members for a fresh look at how HRP does business.  And here’s why Dilhouse needs to be careful . . .

LINING THE POCKETS OF A FRIEND a.k.a. “Financial Auditor Choice” – When outgoing state chair Diamond Garcia and outgoing state treasurer Steve Holck handed the keys for HRP headquarters to Tom Dilhouse and they failed to mention that the party is completely broke, in debt, and at risk of losing the HQ due to failure to pay the rent, even Cheatin’ Tom had to buy into the urgency for an audit of the party’s finances.  Pressure has been quickly building to audit the past few years of party financial activity and records after the new officers inherited a financially bankrupt party organization with virtually zero dollars in any of its bank accounts.

But what’s the plan?  How many years back will the audit cover?  Will the legality and legitimacy of expenditures be reviewed?  What action will be taken to recover improper expenses, say the $60,000 fine which HRP paid to the FEC (which ended up being paid by the RNC which now has denied HRP any more money for its expenses, therefore essentially was paid by HRP)?

That’s right, RNC can’t help HRP with its financial problems, as they already bailed out HRP a few months ago by paying the $60,000 fine for the alleged misconduct of Ostrov and Holck of creating a secret mainland bank account for secretly laundering funds through HRP and never reporting millions of dollars in transactions for mainland campaigns to the FEC.  The big question is WHY isn’t HRP and RNC going after Ostrov and Holck to reimburse for the $60,000 in wasted donor funds thanks to their ‘alleged’ financial impropriety?  Why isn’t restitution on the agenda?  Instead, as mentioned above, Ostrov actually took part in this meeting to return the favor to Mary Smart by pushing the executive committee to approve Smart as HRP rules chair.

Anyway, if you’ve been watching Cheatin’ Tim Dilhouse in action, then you can easily conclude he doesn’t really care about getting to the bottom of the party’s financial problems and has zero intention of dealing with these costly scandals (which he has already likened to retribution and living in the past).  It turns out that he just wants to spend party funds which HRP does not yet have on his crony’s questionable mainland business operation.

Don’t believe it.  His top choice for the auditing contract is Thomas Datwyler, who not coincidentally does the campaign finance reporting for Dilhouse’s failed congressional campaign and for Dilhouse’s shady SuperPAC which is currently being investigated for felonious activity during Hawaii’s 2022 election campaign.  Yes, Dilhouse wants to pay the guy who helped multiple candidates and their campaign committees to cook the books and hide the coordinated support from Dalhouse’s SuperPAC which was funded by own pocket.  [A clever way to evade individual contributor limits, until caught that is.]  As Dilhouse explained, “Hawaii Conservatives was not good at fundraising – Tim and & Alicia Dalhouse were just big donors. Over 95% of the funds spent by that PAC came directly from me.”

Let’s get to know #1 choice for the auditing contract, Thomas Datwyler of AX Capital.  Datwyler also works with swamp creatures like Lisa Murkowski (photo) who likes to vote with Democrats.  According to numerous news stories, Datwyler is reportedly linked to the campaign of crooked nutjob congressman George Santos who is now charged with Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft of Public Funds, and False Statements.  Sure, you know U.S. Rep. George Santos, who allegedly embezzled contributions from supporters and fraudulently obtained unemployment benefits in order to live his disturbing double life as a crossdresser and more.

Earlier this year, the misreporting of $150,000 in contributions to a Republican U.S. Senate candidate resulted in a $15,000+ fine blamed on Thomas Datwyler.  That campaign laid blame for the FEC woes with Datwyler, the former treasurer for the Senate bid.  Elizabeth Curtis, who replaced Datwyler in the role, wrote to the FEC in December that she discovered the errors.

“Due to the stunning number of inexplicable reporting errors made by Mr. Datwyler, including errors in reattributions, errors in reporting correct elections, late filed 48-hour reports, handling of contributions that may or may not be permissible, and incorrect distribution of [joint fundraising committee] funds, ignoring the FEC and potentially incurring significant fines without notifying the Committee, the Committee expects it will take some time to unravel Mr. Datwyler’s mess.”

You can only guess why deep state operative Cheatin’ Tom Dilhouse is so eager to blow the party’s money on his shady crony from Wisconsin.  Even worse than the disgusting cronyism at play here is that Dilhouse wants to award the contract beforethe goals of the audit and/or the scope of work has even been thoroughly developed and approved.  As you probably guessed, this move would give beta male RINO Dilhouse direct control through his buddy Datwyler over what gets uncovered (or what remains covered up) by any audit.  Other members of HRP’s executive committee have put forward other candidates for the auditing work (including tasking new state treasurer Jodi Beaty at no charge).  But, watching how the RINO’s pushed through “Silent Mary” Smart’s horrendous nomination as Rules Chair, Dilhouse has learned how to count votes and get his way by pushing his RINO vision for HRP.

To be sure, word has it that HRP is about to file its fourth consecutive set of fraudulent and illegally nontransparent financial disclosures to the FEC and the State Campaign Spending Commission, with deadlines coming in a few days.  Already under investigation for this ongoing fraud and related ‘alleged’ criminal activity, though the blame is squarely on Dalhouse’s buddies that preceded him, state and federal law will pin the responsibility on the current party officers for the fraud.  Ouch!

CEASE AND DESIST a.k.a. “Use of ‘GOP’ by counties is not authorized” – More evidence that Tom Dilhouse is a clone/puppet of corrupt, deep state autocrats Diamond Garcia and Lynn Finnegan is revealed in this next item on today’s agenda of HRP’s executive committee.  Unbeknownst to 99.99% of island Republicans, Team Dalhouse and its supporters launched an all-out assault on the county party organizations of Oahu and Maui.  Dalhouse supporters, in the form of the cabal of Mele Songsong, Lynn Finnegan, and Diamond Garcia, convinced a low-level moron in the RNC legal office to send threatening “Cease and Desist” letters to the heads of these two (and only two) county organizations, as Oahu and Maui are hotbeds for anti-RINO sentiment within HRP, while the Kauai, West Hawaii and East Hawaii ‘counties’ are considered pro-RINO.  The letters demanded that the Maui GOP and Oahu GOP pull down their websites and social media accounts and ‘cease and desist’ from operating as county GOP entities.

Like hundreds of their counterparts across the nation, HRP’s county GOP organizations have been operating for decades for the advancement of the Republican Party here in the Aloha State.  But just one month before the May 2023 state convention, threatening leaders were received by the county leaders of just two of the five county party organizations.  Why, you might ask?  Well, Maryann “Mele” Songsong, Diamond Garcia, Lynn Finnegan and Team Dalhouse were determined to emasculate the two counties which were most likely to send delegates to the state convention which would vote for change and thereby vote against more RINOs like the random slate of RINO candidates offered up by Team Dalhouse.

Dilhouse’ inclusion of the “Use of ‘GOP’ by counties is not authorized’ in today’s agenda shows that he is 100% complicit with the ill-advised attempt to shut down the two most powerful and organized Republican counties in the state to consolidate control and achieve the type top-down state party RINO’s prefer.  Knowing that only he and two of his eight running mates from Team Dalhouse managed to get elected (versus FIVE from the competing ‘reform’ slate led by Charlotte Rosecrans) certainly drives Dilhouse’s apparent desire to use strongarm tactics to squelch future uprisings among dissatisfied Republicans statewide.

When the ‘cease and desist’ letters were first received, these were initially regarded as a bad joke being played by a leftist forger.  But Finnegan/Garcia henchwoman “Mele” Songsong was VERY quick to let the affected county leaders know that the ‘cease and desist’ order was VERY real.  And today, the legal threat tactic designed by the supporters of Team Dalhouse to influence the outcome of the state convention appears to be part of a long game to bring county GOP organizations to heel in Hawaii.  It was sad to see the RNC so easily manipulated into helping RINOs cheat their way to continued control of our party.  Now, it’s sad to see this problem rear its ugly head on today’s agenda.

Now that the conventions and the runoff election are over, Tom Dilhouse wants to prevent any pushback from strong GOP counties by getting them to take down their websites and social media accounts, hence the Team Dalhouse agenda declaring that the “Use of ‘GOP’ by counties is not authorized”.  It will be interesting to see if Dalhouse sycophant and new Rules Chair “Silent Mary” Smart will help enforce such a ridiculous assertion . . . especially when hundreds of mainland Republican county organizations utilize “GOP” with their websites and more.

That’s right!!!   Hundreds of county level Republican party organizations from coast to coast use the word “GOP” in everything from their website URL to everything else.  Crooked Tom Dilhouse is lying.  And the hack attorney from the RNC is lying.  Are we really supposed to believe that two specific county GOP organizations in Hawaii are forbidden from using the term “GOP” while hundredsof other county parties nationwide are operating just fine and without interference by crooked RINOs??

Check out these county GOP websites and hundreds more like them:

After receiving the cease and desist letter before the state convention, Honolulu GOP county chair Steve Lipscomb wrote a message to Oahu Republicans warning them about the matter:  “Nationally, there are hundreds of counties that use “GOP” in their website and social media title and descriptions. Just looking at one state: California you have Sacramento GOP: “SacCountyGOP” Home Page – Sacramento County Republican Party (; and Orange County: Republican Party of Orange County – Leadership ( I’ve reached out to some other county parties and are awaiting their responses.”

GROUP HUG ALERT:  Perhaps this hullabaloo is why new Lipscomb took time off from his divorce proceedings, the rumored sale of his $2 million Waialae Iki house, and the TRO filed by his soon-to-be-ex-wife to lend his support to the corrupt Tom Dilhouse agenda last Thursday (and even supporting Crooked Boyd Ready for rules chairman at a previous meeting).  Based on Lipscomb’s suggestion, the committee discussed organizing a “Peace Summit” to involve various GOP groups which aren’t getting along.  Apparently, they hope to get these various groups together and somehow convince them that it’s OK to for HRP continue the cheating and corruption and RINO tactics that the party has been engaging in.  Such a ‘peace summit’ will surely stop all the fighting for the soul of the decaying Hawaii GOP, won’t it?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE a.k.a. “Numinar Campaign Data Platform Proposal” – Dilhouse is pushing for HRP to pay for an AI-based campaign software service called Numinar.  It seems that with nobody at HRP knowing what they are doing in running HRP, and with few leaders and volunteers in HRP actually wanting to do the work of running a state party, Dilhouse wants to spend party funds to employ AI software to tell HRP what it should be doing.  Ostrov tried doing that and she ended up firing her entire executive committee during an election year.  Just think about the concept of combining RINOs and Artificial Intelligence for a moment and you’ll quickly realize that HRP’s ambitions for the 2024 election are doomed, even before you factor in everything else reported herein.


REPEATEDLY PUSHING THE SELF-DESTRUCT BUTTON:  Finally, since the November 2022 election, the Hawaii Republican Party has done absolutely zero voter registration, zero canvassing, zero voter persuasion, or anything else to move the political needle.  They’ve been a failure and THEY’VE NOW LOST EIGHT FULL MONTHS of the 24-month election cycle by doing absolutely nothing.  Hawaii Democrats do not waste that kind of time because they wanna keep their grip on power and advance their socialist agenda for the islands.  At HRP, closet Democrats and RINOs don’t really care about power or our Republican agenda.  They’re just a social club of liberals who don’t actually want conservative reforms ever to take place in Hawaii.  Get to know these deep state RINOs, their past crimes against Republicans and taxpayers, and get to understand the Culture of Corruption.  Only when you know the players can you understand how to take back YOUR party from these closet Democrats and their cronies.  Their nefarious agenda is real and it’s scary.  Especially if you ever hope that Hawaii gets a GOP majority in your lifetime.  All they are doing is continuously helping Democrats to stay in power by destroying our party from within.  Auwe!


CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Zero-Integrity Hawaii GOP Chair’s Rigged Auction and Illegal Fundraising Scandals Now Under Investigation



Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Who wouldn’t want to go to next week’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee and experience Donald Trump and his running mate getting nominated while having the weeklong opportunity to mingle with thousands of GOP VIPs galore at this exclusive and historic, invitation-only extravaganza?  Well, most Republicans across the state and the country would LOVE to have the opportunity to attend.  If you’re not a delegate or alternate to the 2024 RNC convention, then guest passes are EXTREMELY hard to come by.

Fortunately, the Hawaii GOP’s state chair Tamara McKay, national committeeman Gene Ward and national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua each have guest passes known as “golden tickets”.  Four passes each, for a total of twelve.  Recently, they each agreed to put one of their passes up for an online auction open to party members across the state as a fundraiser for the state party and a way to reward the generosity of the winning bidders.  But things quickly fell apart when state chair Tamara McKay decided to rig the auction to such an extreme that two of her best pals were the ONLY bidders and the ONLY winners in the rigged auction, which Ward and Nakanelua promptly disavowed and quickly turned their attention to stopping the ‘winners’ from exploiting Tamara’s fraud.

Fast forward to today:  Tamara and her braindead defenders on the Executive Committee of the state GOP have authorized hiring a mainland law firm to sue anybody who stands in the way of the ‘winners’ of the rigged auction from attending the RNC convention, even though top Hawaii GOP leaders know that Tamara massively stacked the odds in favor of her two friends winning cheaply while making it impossible for party members across the state to have any chance of participating at all.  The cease and desist letter from HRP’s obviously bamboozled attorney — Mark Ziebold of the Ziebold Law Group located in Irvine, California — shows that Mr. Ziebold has been misled by Tamara McKay about the legitimacy of the auction in question and further shows that Ziebold is under the bogus impression that a rigged auction is “legal and binding”.  Further, attorney Ziebold appears to be engaging in lawfare on behalf of Tamara and her enablers to cover up extremely bad behavior and to help his client’s cronies to retain their ill-gotten gains from the rigged auction.  Such weaponization of civil litigation is not only unconscionable, but probably a serious violation of Mr. Ziebold’s ethics which could lead to the loss of his law license.



There are an infinite number of reasons for Tamara McKay and her enablers at the Hawaii GOP to resign in disgrace.  This scandal is just another one of those undeniable reasons.  For several heated weeks now, the Hawaii Republican Party’s (HRP) leadership has been embroiled in turmoil over the outcome of its own highly illegitimate and arguably rigged online auction of extremely valuable guest passes to the 2024 Republican National Convention being staged in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks.  Endless meetings, emails, Zoom video conferences, text messages and phone calls about the controversial outcome of HRP State Chair McKay’s rigged auction have been tying up valuable time this election year which otherwise would normally be spent by any struggling political party like the Hawaii GOP trying to convince island voters to vote differently.  The conflict over the fake outcome of the rigged auction in question has reached a boiling point where threats of lawsuits and issuances of cease and desist letters being sent between state party leaders is where things stand right now at the homeless, virtual, online-only state party without a headquarters or any semblance of a statewide or even targeted campaign to unseat Democrats.  In other words, the fight over perks distributed via this indefensible scam rages while the fight over Hawaii’s future is on the back burner at HRP.

Here’s what happened.  As a state chair with arguably the poorest character in the entire GOP, McKay is being provided with several guest passes for the RNC’s upcoming national convention, where Donald Trump is expected to become the nominee of the party.  Not unlike many political wheeler dealers, McKay is quick to utilize party resources to reward her friends and supporters with insider perks just like her corrupt predecessors.  She decided to make one of her passes (along with one each from national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua and outgoing national committeeman Gene Ward) available for purchase in a party-sponsored online auction, ostensibly as a ‘fundraiser’ for the now homeless and aimless Hawaii GOP.

While the Hawaii GOP could have realized really big bucks for its coffers by advertising a legitimate online auction of these highly coveted guest passes on the state party’s social media platforms – to HRP’s 16,000 followers on Facebook, its 7,000 followers on Twitter, et al – as well as e-mailing HRP’s 15,000 party members, Tamara McKay decided to only share this auction with a handpicked micro-sized list of a reported two dozen people, including the leaders of Surfing 4 Truth (social media influencers) Andy Crossland and Lynn Surayan) who have been openly operating as online cheerleading shills for McKay’s troubled tenure as state chair for at least a year now.

In order to hide her sleight of hand, McKay set up an unadvertised online auction on Zeffy so that her pals could easily get these passes for a fraction of the market value of these highly coveted credentials.


And, guess what, McKay’s friends won!  And, lo and behold, Tamara’s cronies were the only bidders.  It came as no surprise that Crossland and Surayan “won” those highly coveted guest passes in a rigged auction which was disguised as a party fundraiser.  In no time at all, Tamara’s cheerleaders wasted no time crowing all over social media about what they (and Tamara) did.  According to Surfing 4 Truth, they “were welcomed personally by the Hawaii Republic (sic) Party State Chair to attend the RNC 2024 in Milwaukee!!!!”  “Surfing4Truth WON the Hawaii Republican Party auction for Golden tickets.”  WELL, OF COURSE THEY DID.  They endorsed and supported Tamara McKay for state chair of HRP while providing her with cover for her failed leadership through this very day.  Of course they won!!  That’s why nobody else was able to bid in the rigged auction.

It was a phony auction designed to cheaply transfer state chair Tamara McKay’s guest passes to the “winners” who were the only bidders.  In fact, current HRP national committeeman Gene Ward asserts that, “there was not really an authentic ‘auction’ that took place in the Hawaii Republican Party for any RNC Convention Guest Tickets, but was more so conducted as a ‘targeted opportunity’ for a few select individuals.”  That’s a nice way of confirming that the auction was rigged.

Arguably McKay’s biggest cheerleaders have been local social media influencer couple Andy Crossland and Lynn Surayan of “Surfing 4 Truth”, who have been boosting Tamara McKay’s tenure as state chair for nearly a year now, on the heels of cheering on a wifebeater for governor, blaming rigged elections in Hawaii for GOP losses, and actively helping a wacky conspiracy theorist who blames government space lasers for Lahaina’s destruction to become HRP’s new national committeeman just a few weeks ago.  According to Tamara McKay in her party newsletter congratulating the auction ‘winners’, Crossland and Surayan “are excited to experience Milwaukee and all that the convention has to offer.”  Also, McKay has been working with Trump Hawaii delegation chair Shirlene Ostrov to make sure her own “name has been included on the hotel room with Lynn and Andy Crossland.”

While Democrats are known to rig elections, the RINOs at HRP rig auctions to benefit themselves and exploit the perks of running the state party.  So, it’s no wonder that intense criticism of the McKay swindle to benefit Surfing4Truth has come from far and wide inside HRP.  The overwhelming majority of the 30+ members of the official Hawaii Trump delegation to the RNC national convention voted AGAINST allowing Crossland and Surayan to attend using the guest passes in question.  Current national committeeman Gene Ward and national committeewoman Laura Nakanelua also expressed their vehement opposition to allowing Crossland and Surayan (pictured below with Tamara McKay) to attend the convention with these controversially ‘won’ guest passes.

According to the Hawaii Trump delegation to the RNC convention, “The other two ‘winners’ of the auction were overwhelmingly voted down (84% disapproving Andy Crossland as a guest, and 81% disapproving Lynn Surayan as a guest) . . . the boyfriend-girlfriend team together leads Surfing4Truth.”  As a result, the hotel rooms reserved by the RNC for official guests have been canceled for Crossland and Surayan.  And it is increasingly unlikely that the couple will be given their passes should they spend the money to travel to Milwaukee.  Hence, the threats of legal action and the ‘cease and desist’ communications by Tamara and the misguided, clueless HRP attorney, despite the obvious illegitimacy of her rigged auction and the dubious “winners” of that scam.

Tamara’s own description on the Zeffy auction site belies her seriousness about raising funds for the party and exposes her real goal of rewarding her friends:  “This brief auction is for the opportunity to obtain a highly coveted ticket into the 2024 Republican Convention in Milwaukee.”  Highly coveted is an extremely accurate description.  Each convention guest pass could have brought in several thousand dollars, if fundraising was the actual goal.  But it appears the ACTUAL goal was to merely obtain a fraction of the worth of these passes in order for corrupt state chair Tamara McKay to quietly reward her biggest cronies on social media by handing them a rigged auction disguised as a fundraiser.  Making matters worse, the party’s governing Executive Committee and State Committee of top GOP officers went along with this sham and are backing the rigged auction done in the party’s name and the rigged outcome.

In an email dated 12 June 2024 to McKay, Ward, and Nakanelua, renowned money launderer and former HRP state chair “Big Shirl” Ostrov of the Hawaii Trump campaign was less than subtle in describing Tamara McKay’s sham ‘auction’:  “The other three guests were objected to as “winners” of a self-admitted mishandled “Golden Ticket” online auction to the party with some of the RNC’s 12 bonus tickets, afforded to the three of you. While billed as a party-wide opportunity, it appeared to only reach a targeted audience. For some reason, the three “winners” of the Golden Ticket auction were the ONLY BIDDERS. The three tickets only raised a total $600 in what would otherwise have been an amazing fundraising opportunity if handled properly.”

That’s right, the auction was designed for a VERY targeted audience, and therefore was a NON-amazing fundraising opportunity since there was no competition between the ‘winners’ and the tens of thousands of Republicans in Hawaii who were omitted from the chance to win.  Tamara McKay’s cronies at Surfing4Truth who “won” the guest passes were “the only bidders” from the completely fake, rigged, not-at-all ‘party-wide’ auction . . . a corrupt outcome which is PERFECTLY FINE with Tamara McKay and virtually the entire leadership of the Hawaii Republican Party, along with its clueless attorney.  With scammers like McKay, Crossland and Surayan, WHY would Hawaii voters want to bother replacing corrupt Democrats in power with equally corrupt Republicans?

McKay’s use of a bogus “auction” to reward her friends and intentionally defraud HRP of potentially thousands of dollars in revenue is another matter which is under investigation.  As mentioned above, guest passes to the upcoming Republican National Convention were ‘auctioned’ by state chair McKay as a purported fundraiser for the state party.  But instead of making that auction available to thousands of party members across the state or even millions of party members across the country, McKay only made that auction of convention passes exclusively accessible to the eventual ‘winners’ of the auction and a tiny handful of others in McKay’s inner circle who didn’t even bother to place bids, thereby guaranteeing that McKay’s buddies would be most likely to ‘win’ these guest passes at the lowest imaginable price.  In addition, the matter of selling tickets for admission to a dated political event – even “golden tickets” – requires preregistration of such ticket sales with the State Campaign Spending Commission.  THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.

Joining the chorus of support for letting Crossland and Surayan hang onto their ill-gotten ‘winnings’ from the rigged auction is their fellow cheerleader for Crooked Tamara McKay, America-hater and Hawaii statehood opponent Andrew Aker of “Maui Freedom TV”, who appears to believe that there’s nothing wrong with a rigged auction as long as his friends get to keep the spoils and are able to attend the RNC convention next week.  Despite being caught in the middle of this highly corrupt transaction, Aker laughably describes Crossland and Surayan as ‘corruption fighters’.  Even more laughably, in the midst of McKay’s auction rigging scandal, Aker sincerely proclaims that “Real American Patriot Tamara McKay and others are working hard to drain the swamp in HI Republican Party!”  Yeah, sure she is.  The swamp is now deeper than ever, with multiple RINO factions trying to out-sleaze each other.

The reality is that HRP is as sleazy as ever.  Tamara McKay is as slimy and corrupt (and incompetent) as Lynn Finnegan or Diamond Garcia or “Big Shirl” Ostrov or Fritz Rohlfing or Beth Fukumoto.  Hawaii voters might not be surprised to learn that the RINOs who control the Hawaii GOP are just as capable of being corrupt as the governing Democrats.  But such lawbreaking certainly won’t help the local Republican Party impress voters between now and the General Election just a few months from now.  When our party attacks Democrats for rigging elections, shameless HRP leaders think nothing of rigging an auction to divide the spoils and the perks with cronies.  Sounds just like how Josh Green runs state government.

The now persistent turmoil in the ranks of the Hawaii GOP leadership has risen to the level of a civil war over state chair Tamara McKay’s questionable use of a highly manipulated online auction to sell guest passes to the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee to her closest associates.  The big question is whether the state party was defrauded by McKay out of thousands of potential dollars so she could ensure that her friends would ‘win’ the rigged auction.  The weeks of resulting internal battles have largely been fixated on Surfing4Truth, the unlikely ‘winners’ of the auction and the cheap price they paid.  But the state attorney general now has the evidence of the unregistered fundraiser and the alleged defrauding of HRP.  And the party’s legal problems don’t end there.  Those problems are just starting to get worse.  Not to mention what Donald Trump and the RNC would think of this glaring corruption problem involving the integrity-challenged HRP and the cheating state chair’s cronies Surayan and Crossland at ‘Surfing 4 Truth’ wandering around the national convention with tainted guest passes.

Even before breaking this news story, HIRA News has already heard from dozens of party members who are upset about Crooked Tamara’s rigged auction and her zero-integrity “winners” from Surfing4Truth who have no shame in knowing they were the only bidders in a rigged auction.  After all, Tamara, the HRP leadership, and the ‘winners’ of the ill-gotten gains – McKay’s buddies Andy Crossland and Lynn Surayan – KNOW that the outcome was a total scam and outright fraud.  Even the dumbest lawyer in California should understand that to knowingly deprive party members from being able to bid or even have access to the online auction while skewing and rigging that auction to steer the guess passes to McKay’s buddies is the very definition of unfair, misleading and deceptive practice.  Just imagine the potential for lawsuits against HRP by party members from Hilo to Hanalei who wanted to participate in the auction yet who were deliberately prevented from participating while top party officers who knowingly facilitated a fraudulent transaction in the guise of a party auction; whereby the obvious fraud and the party’s obvious financial loss (due to rigging and zero competition in the auction) have been pointed out clearly by the Hawaii Trump campaign.  Could a class action lawsuit and prosecution for fraud be far behind?  To date, Tamara McKay and her cronies (and her clueless lawyer) are defending the indefensible situation whereby secret, exclusive access to the online auction site was provided ONLY to the ‘winners’ and a handful of others, despite having tens of thousands of followers on social media and nearly that many e-mail addresses of party members whom Tamara refused to allow to participate, even though this was supposed to be a party-wide auction.  This crooked arrangement is a very strange hill for the above-named corruptniks to want to die on.  No wonder HRP has hired a mainland lawyer to help the fake winners of the rigged auction retain the spoils of this scam by attempting to intimidate those who complain.  Like her crooked predecessors as state chair, Tamara McKay is resorting to a classic HRP waste of donor monies while she continues to fritter away the few precious weeks remaining before the General Election.  Auwe!

Stay tuned:  If the two fake winners from the rigged auction STILL attend next week’s RNC convention as guests of Tamara McKay, then you’ll instantly know HRP is too crooked to take on the Democrats in 2024.  If  REAL conservatives are in charge of the Hawaii GOP, then the rigged nature of the contest should instantly invalidate the outcome.  But will it?  Probably not.  We’ll see . . .




Today, HIRA News can confirm that the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) is also under criminal investigation by Hawaii’s attorney general Anne Lopez and other government law enforcement agencies for organizing a series of multiple illegal fundraising events over the past few weeks resulting from the state party failing to register a “Notice of Intent to Hold a Fundraiser” for multiple fundraisers with the State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) as required by §11-342 of Hawaii Revised Statutes.

This investigation comes on the heels of the bribery scandal at the Hawaii State Capitol which ended the political careers of state senate Majority Leader J. Kalani English and former state Rep. Ty Cullen – who admitted in court that they took bribes from Milton Choy of H2O Water Systems to steer legislation related to cesspools – changes were made to state campaign finance law.

One of these changes was requiring ALL fundraisers, no matter the ticket price, to be pre-registered with the CSC so that the public would know about the fundraising activity through legally mandated transparency.  No more secret fundraising events could fly below the radar.  But it appears that Team Tamara doesn’t care about obeying the law.

So much for legally-mandated transparencyMultiple fundraising events have been organized by HRP, including several held in conjunction with the party’s two-day state convention held in Mililani last month on May 4th and 5th.   As HRP’s website clearly shows, there were three fundraisers which charged $25 per person per event to attend.


According to the CSC website, HRP failed to give notice of any fundraisers held in May in advance of (or even since) these three party fundraisersa cocktail party, a breakfast event with Gene Ward and a breakfast event with Elijah Piereck – were advertised and held.


However, as can be clearly seen, party fundraising events held before and since the state convention do appear on the CSC website; clearly indicating that party leaders occasionally obey the law and actually know how to be legally compliant if they wish to.

The required form to be completed and filed with CSC in advance of a fundraiser, no matter the ticket price, can be viewed HERE.  There’s simply no mistaking the requirement for full disclosure ahead of time, as it plainly reads:  “Under Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-342, no fundraiser shall be held unless a notice of intent to hold the fundraiser is filed with the Campaign Spending Commission (“Commission”) for any function held for the benefit of a candidate, candidate committee, or noncandidate committee that is intended or designed, directly or indirectly, to raise contributions for which any price is charged or any contribution is suggested for attending the function.  The person in charge of the fundraiser shall file the notice with the Commission prior to the fundraiser.”

HIRA News reached out to HRP state treasurer Mike Jauch for comment.  But Jauch, who goes by the social media username @bullwhip1954, blocked HIRA News from communicating with him on Twitter and elsewhere immediately after he and McKay were caught by HIRA News holding a private teleconference with anti-American activists who currently hold leadership positions throughout the Hawaii GOP and intend to lead a fight to have Hawaii secede from the United States of America and become an independent third world banana republic operating under a monarchy.  Yes, you read that correctly.

HIRA News also reached out to HRP state chair Tamara McKay for comment.  But McKay, who operates on social media as “Redtime Stories”, blocked HIRA News after being called out for proudly featuring the anti-American ‘sovereignty flag’ used widely by America haters in Hawaii as part of the Maui GOP’s July 4th float, which McKay proudly posted on her Facebook page.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Unlike HIRA News, investigators and prosecutors from the Hawaii AG’s office won’t have to worry about being blocked by either Jauch or McKay, as the AG has subpoena power to obtain the same damning records now in the possession of HIRA News.  In time, the attorney general’s investigation should be able to get to the bottom of the refusal by both McKay and Jauch to register all of these illegal party fundraisers with the CSC.  Are they knowingly and intentionally breaking the law?  Or are they simply clueless about how to do their jobs?  HIRA News awaits news of the seemingly inevitable prosecution.

RECENT FINES FOR IDENTICAL LAWBREAKING TELL THE STORY:  It should be noted that corrupt city councilwoman Andria Tupola (the state’s biggest ever loser as the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate in 2018) was fined $1,150 for merely holding a single one of her own secret and unregistered fundraising events where she ostensibly cashed in by selling out to Hawaii’s greedy pro-rail industry in a seemingly apparent pay-to-play scheme where she shook down Big Rail for campaign money in exchange for her vote to allow Honolulu taxpayers to go into even more debt to pay for the boondoggle.  Tupola held fundraisers right before and right after the big vote at city hall which indebted Oahu taxpayers.  No local media ever reported the fine or the corruption.  But Tupola was forced to admit to the fine in her campaign finance report on the CSC website.

Sadly, HRP is run by corrupt and incompetent RINOs, as always.  They wear Trump hats and t-shirts to disguise their lack of experience and their Democrat-like ways.  But don’t be fooled.  2024 is shaping up to be yet another political disaster at the hands of these braindead signwavers who’ve never led a winning campaign in their lives.  Democrats will sleep very well at night.  And the State Elections Office has confirmed to HIRA News that there are no plans to postpone the General Election because HRP’s leadership team doesn’t have its act together because its so busy distributing the perks of office to cronies that party leaders don’t have time or energy to mount a winning campaign against the party of Josh Green and Mazie Hirono.  Auwe!

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Mililani, Hawai’i — The humiliating firing of a longtime professional politician was the order of the day at this weekend’s low-key state convention of the Hawai’i Republican Party, held in a high school cafetorium in Mililani.  Republican delegates voted decisively to tell RINO state representative Gene Ward (“R” – Hawai’i Kai) that his services were no longer needed nor even desired as the party’s national committeeman; a position held by Ward since May 2016.

After years of revealing himself to be hopelessly liberal, extremely corrupt and as incompetent as Joe Biden, Gene Ward sowed the seeds for his own demise through his legislative support for amnesty for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawai’i as well as support for importing foreigners to take jobs from island residents, support for the Democrat “mail-in voting” law, putting an illegal noncitizen on the ballot as a Republican on the Waianae Coast, support for creating an Obamacare exchange in Hawaii, support for socialism in the form of “Universal Basic Income”, support for Hawaii’s job-killing “global warming” bill, partnering with Democrats to train Democrat candidates for office, helping HART to eliminate annual audits of the rail boondoggle, as well as supporting a laundry list of progressive policies which would make many Democrats blush – voting with Democrats 80% of the time or more, year after year, which the notoriously whiny liberal bitch Gene Ward hilariously described a few days ago as ‘busting his backside’ (while hilariously threatening to go to the lawyers at the RNC to protect his now terminated job at the Hawaii GOP).  It also didn’t help that Ward could always be counted on for decades to abuse his power to force Republicans in Hawai’i to remain at the mercy of corrupt, liberal and incompetent party leaders who always made sure that a conservative political revolution would never, ever be led by the Hawai’i GOP in our lifetimes.

Ward’s RINO vision of Republican candidates politicians operating as non threatening, status quo preserving community celebrities — like Val Okimoto and Lauren Cheape and Andria Tupola, who pretend to be Republican but vote just like Democrats — didn’t sit well with increasing numbers of disaffected party members, donors and volunteers who finally saw through Ward’s lame act.  In fact, Gene “minority leader emeritus” Ward’s opinion of himself is so high that he considered having to attend required party meetings in Hawai’i and on the mainland (aka “the continent” if you’re a USA hating, kingdom loving sovereignty nutjob) as merely optional because he was afraid of “being caught in the crossfire and squabbles” at these meetings.  Yes, Gene actually said these words last week.  What a total pussy!

In a final act of desperation to save himself the embarrassment of losing the second highest position in the Hawaii GOP, Ward even enlisted fellow members of the state legislature’s tiny “Republican” caucus to mount a last-minute campaign to save Ward from humiliation by lending their support to the Hawai’i GOP’s own Joe Biden.

WARNING:  The active involvement of RINO state house members Lauren Cheape, Elijah Pierick, David Alcos and Diamond Garcia show how deeply the corruption has rotted the GOP’s miniature state party which sees Democrats holding 113 of the 120 elected positions in Hawaii’s county, state and federal government political seats.  As HIRA News will exclusively report soon, It should come as no surprise that the State Attorney General and her investigators have been protecting Ward along with several of these Democrat-enabling incumbents from prosecution by ignoring whistleblower reports and mountains of evidence of illegally misusing their state offices (as well as laundering the money and hiding the financials through wire fraud).

The many political scandals involving Gene Ward himself are too numerous to even list here, to include his manipulation of the Hawaii GOP for the benefit of Democrats and pushing closet Democrats like Beth Fukumoto, Kym Pine-Ryglowski, Cynthia Thielen, Charles Djou and Aaron “Ling” Johanson on unsuspecting party members (and the public) as Republican candidates.  But, other than his supportive RINO colleagues at the State Capitol (including his former staffer and recent state chair Diamond Garcia), you should know that his biggest supporters are the very same crooks put in charge of the 2024 Hawai’i Trump campaign:  Shirlene Ostrov (state chair), Maryann “Mele” Songsong (co-chair), Steve Holck (co-chair), Sheila Walker (coalitions lead), Steve Yoder (Kauai chair), Greg Lussier (Maui chair) and Gene Ward himself, just to name a few of the RINO infiltrators of Team Trump Hawaii.  Thanks to this crooked cabal of losers, neither Trump nor his eventual running mate nor any other Republican challengers up and down the ticket in Hawaii has any hope of success here in the islands.

With just a few short months until the October 2024 General Election (yes, OCTOBER, thanks to mail-in balloting which Ward helped island Democrats to enact here), the damage already done to Republican electoral hopes in the islands by sabotaging RINO’s like Ward means that the election results announced on Tuesday, November 5th will certainly be disastrous for the Aloha State.  While the ousting of Gene Ward as national committeeman Gene Ward is surely cause to celebrate, the bad news coming on Election Night means that there will be a LOT more reckoning to come . . . for all officers of the Hawai’i GOP and all GOP officeholders.  Unless you’ve been paying close attention, you wouldn’t believe how many more RINO’s are in top party posts and how many are running allegedly “Republican” front groups across the state.  Ward is just the first of DOZENS who need to go.  Sorry, folks.  HIRA has been warning you.  We have a long and hard road ahead to fix our party so that Democrats can become an endangered species in Hawaii.  Auwe!

Finally, Ward recently claimed in writing to have secretly donated up to $70,000 to the Hawai’i GOP “fulfilling my role as Hawaii’s NCM. (for airfare, lodging, car rentals and food etc. to get the job done.”  Not a penny of Ward’s donations have appeared anywhere in ANY required campaign finance reports.  Oh, no.  Here comes another scandal.  As of this weekend, ousted RINO Ward no longer has a position of influence to trade with his Democrat buddies in exchange for their protection from prosecution any longer.  To this end, Ward’s woke embrace of cancel culture and the use of lawfare against REAL Republicans was on full display when he attacked HIRA News as “an organization opposing everything the Party does and that has been recently silenced.”  Well, Gene, now that your ouster has made you less useful to Hawaii’s ruling Democrats, HIRA News looks forward to loudly reporting on their prosecution of you for campaign finance fraud, theft from taxpayers, abuse of tax dollars, money laundering, wire fraud and more.  You’re no longer ‘above the law’.  Bye, Felicia.  Maybe your hero Josh Green can arrange for you sign a Democrat Party card.

Gene Ward is just another Josh Green fanboy, reflecting Ward’s ‘deep commitment’ to making Democrats look good while keeping the agenda of Republicans and conservatives in Hawaii on the sidelines forever.

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SABOTAGE: Narcissist RINO Andrew Walden Blackmailing and Extorting the Hawaii GOP



Tonight at 6:30pm, an emergency meeting of the Hawaii GOP’s state committee is being held (via the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Zoom’ video conferencing platform) to evict a RINO saboteur in the party’s ranks who threatens to destroy a major Hawaii political event in just two months.

Andrew Walden, the infamous RINO operative and the current coordinator of the Hawaii Republican Party’s (HRP) presidential caucus appears to be threatening to cancel or even sabotage the statewide March 2024 ritual scheduled every four years, which allows local party members to have a voice in picking the presidential nominee (as well as determining the mix of delegates from Hawai’i who will attend the RNC convention).

This year’s presidential caucus, featuring in-person voting from 6pm to 8pm at several dozen locations statewide, is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.  That’s just over two months from now, leaving little time for Walden’s saboteur tactics.

According to an urgent e-mail to HRP State Committee members from Tamara McKaythe current state chair who replaced Laura Nakanelua, who replaced Lohi Goodwin, who replaced Tom Dilhouse – “I’m calling an emergency State Committee meeting . . . (the) Purpose of the meeting is to elect a replacement for Andrew Walden since he failed to provide the caucus information (locations, list of volunteers and other pertinent information) as directed by the State Committee on December 21st.”

Photo from HRP’s 2016 presidential caucus won by Donald Trump

Disrespectful miscreant RINO Walden refuses to coordinate HRP’s caucus with the leaders of HRP, to include refusing to share the names of any volunteers for the polling places or the procedures to be followed because he doesn’t feel like it.  According to the minutes of the most recent meeting of HRP’s State Committee, Walden’s weeks of refusals led the State Committee to recently set a deadline to obtain his cooperation.  The following motion overwhelmingly passed:  To have Presidential Caucus Organizer Walden share all details regarding Presidential Caucus planning and execution information with all HRP County Chairs not later than 5pm on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.  That deadline came and went and Walden again refused to comply; deliberately blowing off their demand for cooperation.  Nobody should have been surprised, as Walden reportedly promised to ignore HRP’s demands even if the motion was passed; calling them “morons” and other disrespectful names while shamelessly claiming that the March caucus “could become the biggest failure” without his leadership and then daring the state committee to try and remove him (“go right ahead”).

The writing on the wall was clear to Walden.  But rather than be cooperative, he used his blog to attack party leaders and attempt to shift blame on them for any problems with the caucus.  Being the bully and utter narcissist he is, Walden exhibited palpable rage for his bruised ego; writing overnight on the Hawaii Gay Press:  “It doesn’t matter who they elect (to replace me) –nobody amongst their possible picks is even remotely capable of organizing the rest of the Caucus.  These people couldn’t even complete the agenda at their last State Convention–a much easier task.  Most have never even voted at a Caucus, much less organize one.”  The resemblance between Walden and a bratty tween is hard not to notice.

Invoking his own ‘irreplaceability’, Walden hopes to convince enough state committee members before tonight’s vote that only he knows how to use the copy machine to print ballots and then use safety cones to get voters to line up.  Nobody else is capable of using a calculator or spreadsheet to tally the results.  Nobody but Andrew Walden.  C’mon, it’s not rocket science.  Everybody in HRP is replaceable.  That’s why the job descriptions are put in writing.

RINO activist Rita Kama-Kimura (center) surrounded by fellow RINOs Laura Nakanelua, Boyd Ready, Mary Smart and Diamond Garcia

In addition to using his Hawaii Gay Press website to attack party leaders to save his own skin, Walden appears to have employed the usual RINO suspects within HRP to act as his cheerleaders.  Reportedly, corrupt former Kauai GOP county chair Steve Yoder has been making contact with state committee members in a lobbying effort.  Even RINO apologist Rita Kama-Kimura has taken it upon herself to contact these party officers in the past 24 hours via email and shamelessly boast of Walden’s invaluable experience while also noting his prickly demeanor (an understatement).  Walden himself has written to state committee members:  “I need your support at the State Cmte meeting Tues Jan 2 630pm,” while stupidly gaslighting them with nonsense in his same midnight email – “there will be no caucus and all the candidates will lose their opportunity to get delegates in Hawaii” if he is removed from his post.  Karine Jean-Pierre, eat your heart out.  Nobody gaslights like Lyin’ Andrew “Zero Integrity” Walden.

Clearly, Andrew Walden has stubbornly kept all the information about the caucus to himself in order to make himself appear irreplaceable and put HRP at a severe disadvantage.  And clearly Walden is using all means to bully the State Committee to keeping him on, despite his endless displays of disrespect and abuse.  But current party officers are no longer buying Walden’s blackmail and extortion and sabotage.  Hence, tonight’s emergency meeting.

Since belligerent Walden even refuses to share the volunteer list with HRP leaders (despite having voted to compel him to do so), they’ve had to take the embarrassing and unfortunate step of starting from scratch to obtain volunteers for the presidential caucus by posting the following message on the HRP website:

“We need volunteers to staff caucus locations. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY SIGNED UP before 12/26/23 TO VOLUNTEER, PLEASE SIGN UP AGAIN. The organizers experienced technical issues with the original sign up sheet.”

The contact information for the 190 people who reportedly signed up before Christmas appear to be lost, as Walden refuses to share this information with party leaders.

Simply put, those “technical issues” cited on HRP’s website are a euphemism for Andrew Walden’s deliberate sabotage which, like any savvy terrorist does, he is ready to blame HRP for the resulting carnage.

But his sabotage didn’t end there.  In fact, Walden reportedly contacted representatives of various presidential campaigns telling them that the party was canceling HRP’s presidential caucus, which cost each of the presidential candidates $10,000 to participate in.  Fortunately, HRP was reportedly able to reassure the leaders of these campaigns that the caucus is going ahead as schedule.  Walden was merely trying to scare them to save his own skin.  But he keeps falsely spreading the word that HRP is canceling the caucuses.

His sabotage still doesn’t end there.  Andrew “Nobody Likes Me” Walden has even abused his HRP ‘title’ of caucus organizer by misusing his soon-to-be-extinct position with HRP to stir up trouble for HRP; by reportedly attempting to solicit derogatory statements against top party officers from individuals and organizations which he hopes to publish on his blog (while simultaneously running the caucuses); demanding that they help him write nasty, crazy stories about party leaders because he is the chairman of the presidential caucus.  Without question, using his party post to harass and attack people he doesn’t like is far outside the job description for printing ballots and having secret party volunteers count them.  Walden is acting to save his own skin and shift blame to others by changing the subject.

Or could the truth be EVEN WORSE than that . . .

Everyone in the Hawaii GOP knows that the current top officers campaigned for their jobs AGAINST the RINO cabal which has controlled HRP for decades.  And everyone knows that this cabal (which includes Andrew Walden and his supporters) wants to grab power back from the “reformers” on the HRP executive committee.  Causing the disruption and cancellation of HRP’s 2024 presidential caucus would provide fodder for attacking Tamara McKay and her fellow executive officers, even if the problems were caused by Andrew Walden.  So, in theory, Walden could abuse his role coordinating the caucuses to take down the reformers in order to restore control of HRP to the RINOs.

Such a strategy would need to involve having the heads of the local campaigns for Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Ron Desantis join in the call for the ouster of Tamara McKay et al.  Well, any reasonable examination of the names of the leaders of those campaigns results in a reasonable conclusion.  Of course RINO Shirlene Ostrov (Trump campaign chair), RINO Andria Tupola (Haley campaign chair) and RINO Braedon Wilkerson (Desantis campaign chair, #NeverTrumper, Tupola campaign operative, and active participant in Democrat campaigns as well as the progressive activist group HAPA) have what it takes to help bring HRP back under the control of RINOs and Democrats like the party has always been . . . until now.

Ostrov, Tupola and Wilkerson have repeatedly gone out of their way to screw island Republicans and conservatives on too many occasions to list here.  Sooooo, Walden may be the ‘tip of the spear’ in a long con to oust Tamara McKay and her fellow ‘party reformers’.  And so, WHO was it that secretly appointed defiant rogue operative Walden to the very post which he might be removed from tonight?  Well, one of the biggest RINOs of them all – Laura Nakanelua, HRP’s embarrassment of a national committeewoman who served briefly as interim state chair after engineering the ouster of her predecessor Lohi Goodwin (a McKay ally) and installing herself as state chair so she could help Maui cheater Sheila Walker to become the new state chair (instead of Tamara McKay).  Yes, the plot thickens and the recipe is toxic.

RINO Andrew Walden with RINO Laura Nakanelua conspiring at HRP headquarters recently


One thing’s for sure.  Hawaii Democrats are sleeping great tonight.  All of this Walden-manufactured turmoil keeps HRP flat-footed and distracted at the start of the 2024 election year.  It was probably naive of Tamara McKay to retain RINO activist and Nakanelua-appointee Andrew Walden in the role of organizing the presidential caucus, despite his long rap sheet of RINO crimes; to include active political support of turncoat Republicans like Democrat Kym Pine, Democrat Charles Djou, Democrat Beth Fukumoto, Democrat Ann Kobayashi and other well known and lesser known RINOs and closet Democrats.  This is also the same Andrew Walden who abused his position as HRP’s rules chairman a few years back by trying to extend corrupt chairman Fritz Rohlfing’s term by an entire year (so he could help manipulate HRP on behalf of favored candidates); knowing there was no way Crooked Fritz could get re-elected by party members to another two-year term.  That’s the kind of establishment RINO putz Andrew Walden really is.

To be clear, if it all goes wrong with HRP’s March presidential caucus, Walden and all the old guard RINO establishment folks (including those who got themselves appointed to lead the local campaigns for Trump, Haley and Desantis) can and probably will blame Team Tamara and then they will do everything to take her and her team down in a matter of days or weeks.  The only question is how long this takedown has been in the planning stages.  These same RINOs don’t care about ousting Democrats at the State Capitol, in county government or in Washington, DC.  Like Andrew Walden, they only care about controlling the Hawaii Republican Party, which means RE-GAINING CONTROL from the non-establishment folks currently holding the reins.

Ultimately, having to watch RINO #NeverTrumper and hostage-taking political terrorist Walden persistently sabotage HRP through blackmail and extortion for weeks now SHOULD easily lead to an overwhelming vote tonight causing him to be unemployed by the state party after tonight’s State Committee meeting.  But like their mainland counterparts, local RINOs should never be underestimated.  They’ve led HRP to doom for decades and nobody really questions their endless thirst for power which they’ve never used to make Hawaii a better place.  So the same recycled names of liberals and closet Democrats keep popping back up in the Hawaii GOP.

Self-absorbed Walden has been ranting for days that removing him from the role of caucus coordinator is the equivalent of canceling the caucuses altogether, ‘warning’ the state committee yesterday:  “She (state chair Tamara McKay) wants to go directly to a vote on my so-called replacement.  If you let her, there will be no caucus and all the candidates will lose their opportunity to get delegates in Hawaii.”  Gaslighting much, Andrew?

Let’s hope that HRP’s State Committee has the guts to send noxious, vitriolic, loose cannon Andrew Walden packing for good tonight, from a position which doesn’t even exist in the party’s rules.  Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye RINO.

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