HIRA NEWS EDITORIAL: Setting the Story Straight About that Big, Bad Lawsuit Republicans Are Worrying About For No Reason At All

THE BIG BAD LAWSUIT: Setting the Story Straight for Island Republicans — Power-Hungry RINOs Hyping Baloney About Eliminating Hawaii GOP



Many have been asking HIRA News about a controversial lawsuit against the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).  The lawsuit has secretly cost tens of thousands of dollars to defend . . . a huge new indebtedness to the firm of Durrett Lang Morse, LLLP which corrupt executive officers of the beleaguered state party failed to get the approval of the governing State Committee to even approve, because the issues raised would have pointed the finger at the corrupt executive officers and their misdeeds, instead of the solutions-driven plaintiffs in this case.

Since the suit was first filed, some involved have left HRP, some have been threatened with expulsion from HRP (to this very day), and some have worked very, very hard to change the subject from what the lawsuit was truly about by flinging red herrings in every direction.  At issue is the use and abuse of power in a very powerless political party which repeatedly assured us to trust its leaders, such as when they tell us that Beth Fukumoto, Aaron “Ling” Johanson, Charles Djou, Mike Gabbard and Kym Pine-Ryglowski were true Republicans we should support and donate our money to.  In case you didn’t know, this is the same Hawaii GOP which hasn’t paid its property taxes since last year or its rent for months and months while burning through four state chairs in four months and racking up tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid debt.

Let’s get something straight before diving into this lawsuit madness.  Everyone knows that the Democrat-controlled State Elections Office is corrupt.  They let illegal aliens vote.  They let noncitizens illegally vote.  They let illegal noncitizens onto the ballot as candidates.  And that’s just for starters.

The only remedy against such lawbreaking by state officials who swore an oath to follow the law — but don’t do so — is the threat of legal action against the state officials themselves.  HIRA was successful at having a candidate thrown off the ballot in 2018 who was not even a U.S. citizen.  You won’t be surprised to learn that the corrupt troika of Andria Tupola, Gene Ward and Shirlene Ostrov were trying to put this illegal noncitizen on the ballot, after years of that same individual admitting to illegally voting in our elections.

Enter the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party (HRP), already inclined to break the law as a matter of habit.  HRP simply can’t help itself but look for laws to break, large and small.  Hawaii state law requires all political parties to prove their viability by (among other requirements) annually filing their updated list of officers and their updated party rules with the Chief Election Officer.  Easy right?  Should only take five minutes with a quick e-mail message to the State Elections Office.  Naturally, the incompetent boobs at HRP dropped the ball for three straight years and then relied on their crooked friend, Hawaii’s Chief Election Officer Scott Nago to let them slide, since you can’t count on RINOs to obey the law.  Again, these RINOs are the same closet Democrats posing as Republican Party officers who nearly succeeded at running the above-referenced illegal noncitizen on the ballot for state house in 2018 until caught by HIRA.

When patriots and reformers inside HRP caught on to the cozy connection between these RINOs and the Democrats at the State Election Office, these reformers had no choice but to demand that the law be obeyed.  Only when Crooked Scott Nago failed to follow the law (to protect his closet Democrat buddies at HRP), these same reformers had no choice but to do what conservatives nationwide are often forced to do:  SUE THE BUREAUCRATS OR SUE THE BENEFICIARIES OF THE ILLEGAL ACTS OF THOSE BUREAUCRATS.  That meant suing our crooked and incompetent state party organization to enforce the law.

As linked above, the Hawaii laws in question leave zero room for interpretation:  Turn in certain documents by certain deadlines each and every year.  Soooo simple, even a caveman can do it.  Any caveman. except for Maryann “Mele” Songsong or other RINO party leaders who set this legal brouhaha into motion through ineptitude followed by corruption.

The process of submitting a list of current party officers and a copy of the current party rules should only take five minutes, right?!?  That’s sooooooo simple.  And THIS simplicity combined with the indisputable clarity of the laws in question are WHY critics of the lawsuit against NEVER tell this crucial part of the story.  These RINO insiders only obsess over the 100% unlikely yet hyperdramatic and unrealistic outcome of the lawsuit which could (but won’t) decertify HRP as a political party during the years it failed to obey the law.  Those years in question are 2019, 2020, 2021.  Said years are in the PAST, not the future.

Another VERY IMPORTANT oversight is that the lawsuit filed by reformers is both motivated by and purposed to deal with the flagrant breaking of party rulesover and over and over again, by the RINO party officers who have turned HRP into the dumpster fire that it is today.  One of the defendants is Steve Holck, the corrupt and morally bankrupt HRP state treasurer who was found liable for breaking campaign finance laws involving a secret, offshore bank account which only a few top HRP officers even knew existed.  This resulted in HRP being fined $60,000 by the Federal Elections Commission.  Such corruption by sworn party officers (including Holck and many others) is only the tip of the iceberg.

Malfeasance by corrupt party officers who swore to uphold our party’s rules is at the heart of the matters raised by the lawsuit:  “the multiple and continuing violations of HRP rules, regulations, and by-laws” . . . “a very small group of the HRP . . . has exceeded their authority by continually disregarding HRP by-laws, Rules, and Parliamentary Procedures while routinely committing violations that usurp the authority of the State Committee” . . . “infringements have occurred impeding due process, depriving members of their rights, and engaging in acts of discrimination, nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, and other rights not specifically listed.”  Any reader of HIRA News will not be surprised by these claims or the facts supporting such claims.

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, you already know that scumbags, liberals and losers have run the Hawaii GOP into the ground over the past few years, if not decades.  HRP is definitely NOT the squeaky clean, conservative Hawaii chapter of the RNC.  It is a complete and filthy mess of do-nothingness about Hawaii problems and do-nothingness about the Democrat politicians, bureaucracies and unions which cause those problems.  For apologists of these RINO’s to pretend that they are innocent victims of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs and to pretend that these plaintiffs are REALLY hoping to abolish the Republican Party in Hawaii from today forward (or that they could actually achieve that feat) is A RIDICULOUS AND INSINCERE SCARE TACTIC TO MAINTAIN RINO CONTROL OF HRP.  PERIOD.

Congenital buffoon and nincompoop interim state chair Laura Nakanelua might have had a little too much to drink or smoke when she exaggerated about the risk posed by this lawsuit in an embarrassing e-mail a couple days ago to other party leaders:  This litigation is still on-going and if successful could make it impossible for ANY of our Republican Presidential candidates  to be eligible to run for President in the State of Hawaii in 2024.  Not Trump. Not DeSantis. Not Ramaswamy… not any Republican.”  Nakanelua unironically added that anyone who is not a current fan of her terrible leadership is “only looking to burn our party down to the ground”.  Okay, psycho.  Let’s get you back on your medications and into that special jacket in a padded room.  Most of the worst problems with HRP’s finances and corruption which led to this lawsuit happened right under Laura’s nose with her consent during the past three years since coming out of nowhere to be National CommitteeLoser.  SHE is at this moment living in total denial and needs to look in the mirror.

Any fair reading of the lawsuit reveals that it’s merely TACTICAL in nature, designed to use the court to FORCE these crooked RINO’s to follow party rules rather than constantly breaking those rules and getting the party into deeper trouble, financially, legally, and in too many other ways to list here.

Remedies called for by the plaintiffs include hearings by the Elections Commission, arbitration, possible removal from office of abusive HRP officers, and (sure, the big hammer) “possible decertifying of HRP as a party in good standing”.  No Democrat judge in Blue Hawaii, where Democrats like to pretend we have a two-party system because Fevella is in the Senate and Ward is in the House, is going to eliminate the social club run by RINOs masquerading as a party.  It won’t happen.  The illusion of a two-party system is too important for Democrats to maintain while they continue their march to socialism.  Thank goodness (for Dems) that Hawaii’s majority party has cooperative miscreants like those photographed below (Nakanelua, Yoder, Ready, and Walden) who are always willing to fight back against REAL Republicans who have the nerve to call for new and better leadership.  With 300 days completely wasted since the last election while HRP blows endless opportunities to educate voters on the desperate need to vote incumbent bums out from county, state and federal offices, Democrats can feel confident that the same RINO party officer chumps will fritter away the remaining 428 days until the November 2024 elections.

Folks, BE CAREFUL what you allow yourself to believe about this lawsuit.  Crooked RINOs like Clueless Laura Nakanelua and her scumbag pals Crooked Steve Yoder, Doubletalking Boyd Not-So-Ready and Andrew “Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Me?” Walden are looking to distract you from HRP’s huge, huge problems by making you worry that the Hawaii GOP is on the verge of being eliminated from the ballot by external forces.  Nope.  Rubbish.  The Hawaii GOP is actually on the verge of being permanently irrelevant in Hawaii politics thanks to RINO’s who engage in endless corruption, incompetence and liberalism . . . and are unfortunately STILL running the party today and for the foreseeable future.  Their horrifying record truly speaks for itself.  HIRA News has been at the forefront of uncovering, reporting, and recording that sorry record of HRP failure.  It ain’t pretty.

BOTTOM LINE:  If HRP has done nothing wrong, it has nothing to worry about.  All HRP has to do to maintain its existing and untouched ballot status is to obey the law and follow its own rules.  This lawsuit forced HRP to finally meet important legal deadlines (Goodbye, “Mele” Songsong).  Today, after tens of thousands of donor dollars have been improperly expended by corrupt HRP leaders on lawyers to defend their indefensible misdeeds, and with a vote for a new state chair less than one week away, RINOs are today ratcheting up the B.S. machine several notches higher by pretending that Republicans won’t be allowed on the ballot in 2024 or ever again.

HIRA News calls “bullshit” on this RINO nonsense.  Nakanelua knows better, Walden knows better, Ready knows better, and Yoder knows better.  And the RNC and its lawyers know better, which is why they don’t get involved with HRP nonsense resulting from RINO misbehavior.  Again, once HRP starts following its own rules and starts obeying state and federal laws, there’s NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.  Republicans are on Hawaii’s ballot in 2024.  But that’s precisely why RINOs refuse to talk about the merits of this case and refuse to admit why it was filed.  HRP’s thug leadership cabal has had a long time to admit to the error of its ways and a long time to promise to do better.  But with RINO insiders cheating like crazy to retain control of HRP (which makes local Democrats giddy with excitement), the state party is getting further and further from an amicable solution to the lawsuit and a plethora of other self-inflicted party problems.

Mind you, HIRA and HIRA News have absolutely nothing to do with this case.  Karl Dicks of Klean House Hawaii (KHH) is the primary litigant and complainant in this matter.  High ranking party officers are the defendants.  But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that party reformers were backed into a corner as RINO’s turned HRP into a dumpster fire and kept pouring fuel on the flames with endless wrongdoing.

Let’s be honest – the lawsuit only has merit if its allegations are true.  And the defendants (the crooked party officers, to put a fine point on it) are OPENLY ADMITTING that this case is legitimate by portraying a bleak future for HRP as a party which will no longer be allowed on the ballot in Hawaii due to this lawsuit.  Otherwise, to be clear, if HRP thug officers were really innocent, then two things would be true:  (1) The now expensive legal case would have already been thrown out by the judge months and months ago; (2) these RINO’s wouldn’t be obsessed with mischaracterizing this suit as a death blow to HRP.  They’d instead be proudly raising money off of winning the lawsuit just like it shamelessly tried to raise money recently off those poor souls killed in Lahaina.  If the Dicks v HRP lawsuit was indeed frivolous, wouldn’t RINOs simply be making fun of the litigation instead of portraying the entire situation as a hopelessly lost cause in which “The Hawaii Libertarian Party would theoretically become the ‘second party’ instead of the ‘third party.’”  [Won’t somebody please pull the theoretical meth pipe out of Andrew Walden’s drama queen mouth?]

THE BIG TAKEAWAY:  The only death blows being dealt to HRP are the self-inflicted wounds from the raging corruption, raging liberalism, and raging incompetence of the fake Republicans leading the party for years and years and years.  They should ALL RESIGN TODAY.  Every member of HRP’s Executive Committee and every member of the governing State Committee.  Every last one of them.  THEY are the reason things have gotten so bad.  THEY are the reason Democrats sleep so well at night.  THEY are the ones who allowed corruption, incompetence and liberalism to thrive unchecked for so long in Hawaii’s chapter of the RNC.  HRP needs to start over from scratch.  No crooked officers.  No lousy office suite.  Just a strong set of beliefs which inspire, mobilize, and energize Republicans in Hawaii to persuade voters to let Republicans rescue the Aloha State and its residents from the horrible Democrat Political Machine.  THEN, we can build a real party rather than merely fueling a dumpster fire.


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