FRAUD ALERT: Delegates Not Told That HRP Is Delinquent In Rent

THEY LIED ABOUT PARTY FINANCES TO GET ELECTED: While Hawaii GOP Delegates Voted, Team Dalhouse Campaign Fraudulently Assured Everyone that PLENTY of Money was Sitting in the Party’s Bank Accounts . . . but RINO’s Stopped Paying the Bills, They are Flat-Ass Broke and The Deadbeat GOP HQ Might Soon Be Evicted



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THE BIG QUESTION:   Did the Team Dalhouse campaign to install wannabe party officers KNOWINGLY LIE TO PARTY MEMBERS ABOUT PARTY FINANCES to get elected at the May 2023 Hawaii GOP Convention and the subsequent runoff election?  HIRA News has your exclusive answer to this and other burning questions.

Those who attended the rigged state convention on the Big Island in May distinctly recall HRP treasurer Steve Holck leaving the clear impression that the state party had tens of thousands of dollars in its bank accounts and that HRP was a picture of healthy finances.  Nothing to worry about, only to celebrate.  Well, Holck was not telling the truth.  He noticeably spent more time helping the Team Dalhouse slate promote its candidates and by helping them to pull a huge con (known as a ‘bait and switch’) by omitting the stark realities of the party’s dire financial situation.  Even after the state convention, Holck and the rest of the Team Dalhouse campaign kept Republicans (especially voting delegates) in the dark during the ensuing ‘runoff elections’

The reality is that the Hawaii GOP stopped paying its bills months ago and the state party is officially broke and delinquent in paying its rent for its rarely utilized headquarters.  The RINOs in charge finally (and unsurprisingly) ran the state GOP into the ground.

Don’t believe it?  Read on . . .

After spending months conning party members about the financial health of the Hawai’i GOP under the control of RINOs, it turns out that party leaders swindled convention delegates with a rosy and completely phony financial picture which imploded over the past 24 hours.

Here’s the inside scoop . . .

Thanks to anonymous sources at the Oahu League of RINO Women and the Hawaii GOP – the co-owners of the poorly located, overpriced, and largely unutilized waste of space at Suite C105 of the Imperial Plaza which masquerades as the ‘headquarters’ for the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) – HIRA News has learned that the Board of Directors of the Imperial Plaza has hired lawyers to sue the Hawaii GOP for more than $9,000 in unpaid fees, utility costs, and various assessments due from the delinquent state party to the building owners.

It seems that high-ranking RINO party leaders like Lynn FinneganDiamond GarciaTom Dilhouse and Steve Holck haven’t been paying the bills.  It’s also clear that state convention delegates and party members and even the governing State Committee of the party were kept completely in the dark by HRP’s executive committee and the Team Dalhouse campaign about the party’s MASSIVE financial problems.  Indeed, these top party officials and their hand-picked successors were perfectly content to let state treasurer Steve Holck mislead delegates last month into believing there were tens of thousands of dollars in the party’s bank accounts.

Alas, there is barely $3,000 left.  Fully $6,000 short of preventing the lawsuit which could lead to the eviction of the party, not to mention putting the party’s already shortchanged donors on the hook for legal fees and related costs.  And HRP needs thousands more dollars on top of that to pay its current bills DUE TODAY and to continue making its monthly rent payments so HRP can provide the bloodsucking Oahu League of RINO Women with a free office in perpetuity (aka FOREVER).

Don’t believe us?  Here’s the letter from two days ago which authorizes legal action against HRP for the delinquency.  Read it for yourself . . .


June 28, 2023TO:  Republican Party of Hawaii

725 Kapiolani Blvd. #C105
Honolulu, HI 96813Dear Owner:

We have not received a response to our prior notices concerning your delinquent account.  Accordingly, the Board of Directors has authorized legal action against your unit to collect the amounts listed above.  ($9,073.54)

Note:  These figures do not include amounts becoming due on the first of next month.  (July 1, 2023)

We are forwarding a copy of this letter to the Association’s attorney to proceed with legal action.  The Association will hold you responsible for payment of all attorney fees and costs incurred in this matter.

For the Board of Directors,
Jane Najera, Accountant
Imperial Plaza c/o Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.


As if the terrible management of the Hawaii GOP wasn’t bad enough, we have arrived yet again at the point where “saving the headquarters” is fast becoming the central issue which yet again will trump REAL issues on which HRP should be providing leadership (but isn’t); like exposing Democrats, advocating our values and solutions, registering voters, organizing a ground game, recruiting REAL Republicans as candidates, and beating Democrats at the early voting ballot harvesting game.

So, prepare yourself for another round of endless “Save our Headquarters” shibai, as if a room on Kapiolani Blvd. which sits empty and unutilized for 98% of the year (after year) has anything to do with whether or why Democrats keep winning.  Fundraising for this albatross is like asking taxpayers for even more money to build rail transit.  At this point, we all know better.  We know we’ve been played.  Any fair reading of the TRULY STUPID contract between HRP and the Oahu League exposes party leaders as idiots and the blue-haired RINO women as deadbeats.

The blue-haired RINO ladies of the Oahu League have been using their status as co-owners of ‘the headquarters’ to control and destroy the Hawaii GOP from within for several decades now.  The Oahu League’s handpicked puppets (from Shirlene Ostrov to Signe Godfrey to Lynn Finnegan to Diamond Garcia to Tom Dilhouse) have ALWAYS put the freeloaders at the Oahu League and its precious ‘headquarters’ ahead of taking on the Democrats using 21st Century political tactics and strategies.  And these RINOs have never stopped making sure that the only kind of candidates getting targeted for real support are ‘community celebrities’ who are indistinguishable from Democrats except for maybe one wedge issue, such as Bob McDermott’s endless crusade for the anus, which never interfered with McDonut’s voting like a Democrat again and again.  [Yet McDermott pummeled the new state chair Tim Dalhouse during their contested 2022 primary election for US Senate, with McDermott spending ZERO dollars on his race while Dalhouse wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars to be humiliated into demonstrating his lack of ability to win an election honestly.]

It’s clearer than ever that HRP’s controlling RINOs will squeeze blood from this ‘kokua for the headquarters’ turnip for as long as blue-haired RINOs outnumber conservatives and actual Republicans for control of the Hawaii GOP.

In fact, so much desperation has set in at HRP over its sudden discovery of hidden financial problems, that new state chair “Cheatin’ Tom Dilhouse” is hitting up other party leaders for money in hopes of stalling legal action by the building management against its nightmare tenant.

But the desperation doesn’t stop there.  Unwitting Oahu taxpayers are probably going to be hit up for their support to keep HRP in its mold-infested, dust-covered, and mostly-abandoned ‘headquarters’.  How, you might ask?

In the wake of the debate over how much salary should be paid to members of the Honolulu City Council and their staff members, leftist RINO and professional crybaby Andria Tupola appears to be offering her full-time taxpayer-funded staff members to spend even more time performing political consulting by letting HRP use her City aide Braedon Wilkerson (one of those guys who was holding up signs and telling May 2023 GOP state convention delegates to vote “NO” on any and all proposed reforms and rules changes) to help raise money so that HRP can become solvent and so that more RINOs who support Democrat policies can get into office.

As HIRA News reported last November, City employee Wilkerson has a green light from his boss RINO Tupola to work for the political campaigns of as many Democrats as he wants; thereby helping as many Republicans to LOSE as possible.  Today, HRP state chair “Cheatin’ Tom Dilhouse” wants HRP to hire Tupola’s Democrat-loving political thug Braedon Wilkerson to help raise money so that RINO’s and closet Democrats can continue controlling the weak state GOP for years to come (aka ‘controlled opposition’).  Laughably, we’re supposed to believe that Wilkerson never sleeps, so he is somehow able to perform his job at Honolulu Hale without ever letting his political consulting business illegally interfere with his work day.  [Believe this and you probably believed that the rail project would only cost $3 billion like we were all told by Andria Tupola’s (and Val Okimoto’s) mentor Mufi Hannemann.]  Of course, we’re also supposed to believe that Tupola raked in tens of thousands of dollars for her one-woman political consulting business over the past two years without such work creeping into her government workday either.

Yes, these RINOs think we are all blind and stupid.  They didn’t think we’d find out that Wilkerson’s client, freshman Democrat state representative and AOC clone Natalia Hussey-Burdick (a far-left nutjob and self-identified social justice warrior) voted just like AOC once she got elected to the state legislature with Team Tupola’s help.  That’s because RINO’s truly despise what real  Republicans stand for.  RINO Tim Dalhouse’s choice for HRP fundraising consultant Braedon Wilkerson makes no secret that he equates conservatives with fascists.


RINO’s like Tupola herself — who openly supports racial discrimination, higher taxes, wasteful spending, illegal immigration, and too many other liberal policies to list here — have run HRP for decades, and it shows.  Sure, Tupola (riding on Augie Tulba’s coattail) tried in vain to make a name for herself by opposing the proposed 64% pay raise for City Council members.  But what she FAILS to tell you is that she’s already been making a small fortune in Joe and Hunter Biden fashion by exploiting her position on the City Council and the HRP hierarchy to supplement her income far beyond what that pay raise will bring.  In fact, Tupola has supplemented her income by more than $62,000 during the past two election cycles; working for Megan Kau, Makua Rothman, and Keone Simon.

A review of her campaign finance reports show that she (and her staff) have been moonlighting and daylighting as political consultants while raking in taxpayer funded salaries.  They’ve already been living large long before the proposed pay hikes.  Sadly, the same weak Honolulu Ethics Commission and Office of the City Prosecutor which protected crooked Louis Kealoha and Katherine Kealoha from charges for misusing City resources (later prosecuted by the Feds) will likewise protect Tupola, Wilkerson and others for illegally performing (allegedly) political work during the City workday.  But, without question, VOTERS will learn about what they’ve done as time goes on.  That’s why Tupola will never attain higher office outside a Waianae Coast district where she can wave a separatist, anti-USA sovereignty flag or an upside-down American flag and get elected to the state house or city council with her shades of racism and social justice warrior whining.  But she’ll NEVER become mayor or governor.  She’s simply too corrupt and too liberal.


At this moment, the REAL issue for HRP to deal with is how to get rid of all the lying, cheating, incompetent, corrupt RINOs and their cronies who keep getting the party into financial, legal and political trouble.  You know that story about the fox watching the chicken coop?  Well, now that the chickens are all dead, the fox wants more of your money.  And, if history is any guide, the phony urgency of this self-inflicted financial disaster will be shamelessly and noisily exploited by HRP in hopes that nobody asks why Tom Dilhouse and HIS SUPPORTERS (Diamond, Lynn, Steve, Gene, Laura and the rest) FAILED TO WARN US that they had stopped paying the bills and that Steve Holck’s treasurer reports were as phony and fraudulent as can be.

Did HRP treasurer Steve Holck (or Tom Dilhouse or Diamond Garcia or Lynn Finnegan or Gene Ward or Laura Nakanelua) tell state convention delegates about how Tom Dilhouse’s loathsome running mate Shirlene Ostrov caused HRP to be fined $60,000 by the Federal Elections Commission for secretly laundering millions of dollars through fake bank accounts which NOBODY else in HRP (except apparently Steve Holck) knew existed, and therefore weren’t properly reported in Holck’s campaign finance reports, leading to his conviction by the FEC for violating federal laws?  Naturally, delegates and party members were left in the dark.  They also weren’t told how badly the party’s most recent fundraising event (“Prince Kūhiō Lūʻau Celebration Annual Fundraiser” in March 2023) came up way short of putting money in HRP’s now empty bank accounts.  That’s why the governing state committee and the executive committee still have no idea to this very day about how many unpleasant surprises that an audit would uncover about the past decade of shady finances at 725 Kapiolani Blvd.

Today, in the wake of forthcoming legal action against deadbeat HRP leaders for non-payment of rent, everybody’s finding out the hard way that top HRP officers were failing to pay the bills and were lying to cover up those failures are just two more reasons why island voters don’t trust island Republicans.  Sadly there are so many, many, many more reasons.  You can probably think of a few.

Yes, island Democrats who were already sleeping really, really well at night thanks to RINO control of HRP will sleep even better knowing that even more financial desperation and possible eviction of Republicans from their rarely-used ‘headquarters’ have arrived in time to celebrate independence this coming week on July 4th.  It might be the same week that process servers deliver the lawsuit to Tom Dilhouse and that moving trucks arrive to remove the mold-infested, dust covered crap in the mostly abandoned and costly HRP headquarters.

While all of this was kept under wraps until Team Dalhouse’s campaign to control HRP was concluded, Dilhouse himself has now admitted, “(W)e are not in a good financial place as a State Republican Party. All pressing bills are paid, but we need to raise money in order to cover just our operational expenses for next month, which hover around $8,000 per month. We also owe slightly over $30,000 in attorney’s fees for defending the party against a lawsuit.”  Those were his words nearly six weeks ago.  Imagine how Republicans must feel betrayed and misled knowing that Team Dalhouse’s corrupt campaign for power kept a lid on SO MANY financial problems in order to swindle delegates for their votes in recent weeks.  Not a single delegate knew that the party was on the verge of being sued and possibly evicted for not paying its bills.  Just like Democrats, that’s the ‘bait and switch’ game RINOs like to play.

Let’s be honest.  Right now, in the mind of voters, Democrats actually appear to be more competent and less corrupt than Hawaii Republicans.  Knowing how crooked and incompetent Democrats are makes you realize how far HRP has fallen.  That’s why Hawaii can be run into the ground by Democrats for 70 years and still handily win election after election.  Meanwhile, we’re stuck with losers like Gene Ward and Kurt Fevella and “Cheatin’ Tom Dilhouse”.

Enough already.  It’s time to GET RID OF THAT OFFICE SPACE, say goodbye to the RINOs at the Oahu League, purge HRP of corruptniks and hacks and liberals, and start the Hawaii Republican Party all over again from scratch.

Lyin’, Cheatin’ Tim Dalhouse needs to resign.  His campaign knowingly LIED to party members and to voting delegates to con them for their votes.  And, surprise surprise:  HIRA News has it on good authority that the $60,000 fine assessed to HRP by the FEC is anything but the last costly fine they’ll be paying for flagrant lawbreaking in 2023; fines which pale next to the self-inflicted political damage to the GOP brand in Hawaii.

So, folks, when HRP’s RINO leadership comes begging for money, don’t flush your hard-earned dollars down the toilet like closet Democrat councilwoman Andria Tupola likes to do with your taxes on that overpriced rail boondoggle known as Skyline.  Donating even one dollar to HRP would be like handing a dollar to a meth addict.  We know that the addict won’t be buying any food or making any life changes using that money.  You actually just paid for their next fix and brought them closer to death.  Let’s starve out the RINOs and build a new and improved Hawaii GOP once they’re all gone.  Unless you prefer keeping closet Democrats in control of HRP’s life and death.  Goodbye Sheila Walker.  Next, let’s say goodbye to Tim Dalhouse.  Auwe!!


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